Resolution 2k19!!

The year has come to an end, And here comes the way to an exciting and an illuminating journey of living a new year, wholeheartedly.

In this world of uncertainty, We never know when is the end of our lives.

“The beginning is the most special part of our life.”

Let’s make a resolution of not just waking up early, going to bed early, doing a good job in a big company & so on.

But Instead,,

Let’s make ourselves a part of journey, with the people we meet & greet.

Let’s be there for one another, when needed the most.

Let’s show the heartbroken, a ray of hope.

Let’s bring a smile on someone’s face and stay excited about it.

Let’s do some new challenging things that we feel positive about.

Let’s shower our love, care and respect to the visible gods living around us(parents);)

Let’s be a part of someone’s bad times, even if not in their happiness.

Let’s give the space,care and love for animals, nature, and it’s beautiful contribution

Let’s show gratitude for each n every smallest thing in our life.

Let’s be fierce about the negative people and negative things.

Let’s be a positive, Loving, and a helping human being in every possible days and possible ways:)

Let’s make this world a better place😊

I wish you A Very Interconnected Happy New Year😊😊!!

Sorry for being the Harry Potter with his Cloak of invisibility 😅😋

Yes, Quite a long time i guess.

Not anymore!

THE DIARY! Will be back with the continued part of the BABA SATYAVACHAN and some other special stuffs, close to my heart.❤️

Stay Tuned:)


Baba Satyavachan??

Few days back, I got a whatsapp message from an unknown number 9********0, with a message like “Namaste baccha,Jeete raho”

And just being curious, I went to ask about who is it and all. And conversation happened something like….

It was around 3:am in the morning, don’t know how, my sleep just faded away after opening the notification message….

He: Namaste Baccha,Jeete raho

Me:Namaste, Sorry but uhhh.. Who is this?

He: I know you, You don’t know me.

Me: Okay, but who are you?

He: Satyavachan

Me: Yeah, Whatever! Just say your true name or your ‘Satya kind of name’

He: I am Satyavachan, Baba Satyavachan!

Me: Ha Ha Ha! So, you live in Himalayas or what? :p You are screwing up my time and my mind now.

He: I Live in everyone’s mind, no one knows it.

Me: Ha ha! Siddarth you asshole:p

He: ………?

Me: How are you man? 2 months no sign of you ha?

He: How are your favorite sports shoes that your grandpa gifted you when you were in class 5? Did you still keep those shoes?

Me: Hey.. Wait.. Who are you? You are not Sid.

He: You surely have those shoes still kept beside the table in the store room. isn’t it?

Me: Sarita dee, Is this you? I caught you. Stop puzzling me now. Gotcha;)

He: ………?

Me: This is surely you dee, only you know this thing about my fav shoes. Ha Ha! Why did you messaged me with another number? is this your new one?

He: typing….

He: typing….

He: Why did you tear and burn up your most satisfying personal diary? That too in that barren ground? You shouldn’t have done that baccha!

Me: What the hell is this? What are you bluffing? And what diary? which diary? I don’t know what are you saying. Who the hell are you?

He: I said you earlier, I am not the hell, I am SATYAVACHAN, Baba Satyavachan!.

Me: Please don’t make me fool by saying these things.

He: Try me please!

Me: Ha! Okay, Tell me one thing or a situation or someone, which no single person knows…?

He: ……?

Me: Yeah, I knew it. Mr.Bluffer.

He: “If he really knows everything about me, does he also knows about that girl,,,Shruti?” “What if he even knows about “Amaavas before the day of Sankraanthi festival” What about the “KYATPTML”? And even “The 21st april of 2009? Isn’t it baccha?

Me: ……………

Me: Who are you? How do you know these things? Nobody knows about them, How did you come to know? What do you want? Who really are you? What’s your intentions?

He: I won’t repeat my answer more than 2 times. Well, My intention is clear.

Me: Please…..

He: I heared/saw that you got your blog to write? Good! Submit my thoughts and quotes there, in your website.

Me: What???? Are you serious? What are you asking? What’s all about?

He: I am not asking you baccha! I am ordering you to do that.

Me: Who the hell v.i.p do you think you are ha? Fuck off!

He: Else I will have to order myself to reveal all your sweet and dark secrets. In your own blog And to your own loved ones.! Choice is yours.

Me: You are literally blackmailing me now ha? You need money or what? Tell me!

He: No baccha, I want your peace of mind and Your life to realize real peace n purpose.

Me: Oh! So you are my wellwisher? Bloody Hell!!

He: I also know that you are bit weak in “ENCODING AND DECODING” circuits and life aswell. So You will encode the decoded, You will do what i say. Even if it has to go through your own experience and personal life. Thats it! Are you ready for the Meditation? Bacha?

Me: No, I am fucking not ready!!!! Go to hell.. I Will just have to go to the cyber crime department for your blackmailing. Will you wait and watch?

He: ………?

Me: Ha! You criminal ! No words ha? Now just tell me who are you?

He: typing…..

He: .typing…….

He: Well, I don’t think cyber dept bothers me more than your life and secrets revealed infront of your loved ones?Your mom?dad? Your cousins? Your friends? And especially, Love of your life??? Doesn’t much. or Does it?

He: Baccha! Trust me, i am not a trouble, I am a pleasure. For you to make yourself the best at your purpose, Your life and your relations. Just trust me and follow my whatsapp messages.

Me: What do I have to do?

He: Good! Very Good my Baccha!

He: First of all from next time onwards, whenever i send you something on whatsapp, You will first Greet me with “Namaste Baba”! And after i send you the message, You will then Say “Satyavachan,Satyavachan”!(2 times).

Me: But, What will you be sending me? And What will i be encoding or decoding, watever?

He: Various things. Maybe A quote/A thought/ Few lines/ A line/ A name/ A word. You will have to encode it in a storyly manner, if needed you will have to pick and go through your your own experience, or own personal life or maybe somebody else’s experience and life too.

Me: But…….?

He: Tell me baccha!

Me: Some curious questions….

He: Yes baccha go for them…

Me: 1)Are you a He? Or She?

2) Who are you actually?

3) How do you know everything about me?

He: Ha Ha Ha….. Bye baccha! Be ready when i am back with something…. Jeete raho!!!

Last seen: 3:49 am

I then quickly opened unknown numbers searching apps and checked in them, but no result! The next morning, Even took the number and tried to call from my neighbour friend’s number, thinking that may be he will be knowing all the phone numbers of my family members. To that friend, i had to say that it was a number which came to my phone as a missed call and i don’t have balance to call. To my surprise, or may be a deep sense that came true.

*”The number you have dialled is an invalid number or a wrong number, Thankyou”*

Many questions just started to fall off from my shocks. How is it even possible? What was that all about? How did he/she just messaged me in whatsapp? Was that a ghost? Was that an evil prank?…..

Later on, tried to make my mind to stop thinking about the last night’s convo and started off my day with the boring college classes and other usual stuffs…

It was the heaviest, yet surprising and shocking night of my life.


Let’s be fingers crossed about the next whatsapp message of the “BABA SATYAVACHAN”…….. Stay Tuned!! 🙂

Life! Like A Trip..                                    By -Saurabh Rk

(Sorry for such long gap:Was stuck in the world of my protagonist and his writeful story);)
-Hey You ‘SMILE’, Plz don’t hide from our face.

-Hey You ‘KINDNESS’, Plz don’t be cruel.


-Hey You ‘LOVE’, Plz don’t break our hearts.


-Hey you ‘POSITIVITY’, Please don’t be negative.



Life,, Like A Trip with seemingless experiences..

Something like the below tried to be poemed in a rhyming way….

#Strange modes, Undestinational roads.

#Fog on everybody’s vision, Perception with no more positive extension.
#Just don’t know what will be lost, Quite after a time, didn’t knew when everything was lost.

#No one is having faith on anybody, feels like Soul getting divorced with body.

#Mind says we have stopped breathing, Heart says love is all hatredly freezing.

#On the edge of our broken dreams, this world walks happily,it seems.

#Loneliness has started to burn us from inside, Shadows are accompanying loneliness to hurt us from outside.

#Just Don’t know where the air of goodness is flowing away,  Life’s Priceless moments are just……



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       That’s It?


                                                                                                     A drop of tear in the eyes, A drop which shines like a pearl in those eyes,             A broken heart which tries to stop those pearls flow from the eyes..                          

                                                              Dats it?                                Is that enough?    


                                                    A bridge of unspoken words,                                    A river of unexpressed feelings under those words,                                    A scenary of unexpected memories caused by the feelings under those words…                                      

  •                                                              Dats it??                           Is that enough??                                                                                                                                                                                                                               AND  NOW…                                                                            A bunch of white pages,     A scratchable pen for flowing the ink on to the pages,                                     A tranquilized story on those pages.     

                                                                                                                  Dats it???                            Isn’t that Enough???



Vision Part-1 Full Stream

                 Vision Of Blind

The Full Prologue:

“In middle of this thundering rain, i don’t think we will get to the party safely”,she warns him for both of their safety.
“Oh! Shut up Nidhu, I am a F-1 racer by nature”, answers her in a champ emotion.
“Bhai can’t you just see? even the wipers aren’t able to clear up such heavy rain”, she again try to show him the extreme situation they are in.
” Goddd!! You idiot brother, Races are worse on the city streets and that too in such heavy rainy dark nights and please keep this your ‘Racer Attitude‘ on the tracks. Now please slow down”, Totally freaked out from inside,she tries to give him a forceable advice.
“Ha Ha Ha! my koochi-poochi sister”, He laughs at her feared advice.
He was now in a high mood to make the speedometer move at the right side of it. His speed gets speed up. 145kmph.. 149kmph… 154…. 156….. 159……
The iphone ringtone rings up and he gets a call…….!
“Its Ankit“,says Nidhi looking at the phone infront of her.
“Great!! Let me talk”,says her and grabs the phone to connect to the media speaker of the car.
“No No No! you…..
“Hey buddy”, he answers and interupts Nidhi untill she could finish her sentence.
“Mere bhai kaha hai tu?”, Comes from the other side of call.
Nidhi whispers slowly to him, “Bhai seriously?, please cut the call or slow down the speed”.
Nidhi looks at the speed, it remains the same- 150kmph… 154….the road which was totally blurred due to heavy rain.
In between their conversation on call, For a moment,giving no warnings to him about the speed,rain,Call.

Nidhi becomes blank with an intusion going in her hollywood filmy mind of something horrible,something terrible.

(Even being so feared she chooses not bring her intusion out of her mind).
He looks at his feared sister not trying to stop him doing he was doing and answers to the call.

“F1 race”, says during the call to indirectly tickle nidhi,who was silent for sometime.
Nidhi comes out from her intusion and looks at his answer.
“He He, On the way buddy,will catch you there soon”, He comes to the real answer.
“Ha theek hai, come quick Bcozz, the party has just begun my boy, these hot chicks I say”, Informs aboout his observation in already hangovered condition.
“What? Ohho! Saale mere bina he peg shuru kar liya tu ne. I am coming”, He responds immediately.
Nidhi slowly shooks his shoulder saying,” Bhai, there is something over there”.
“Where?”, He asks suddenly after mere glancing at the road.
Speed was still the same. 156……154…….150….
“Oh Shit! Bhai Horn!! No, Brakes Breaks!!”, shouts at him and this time she was much louder of fear than just to whisper.
“I am doing it, i am doing it”, he tries to calm her down while trying to have the control of speed and visibilty aswell.
Car speed was being lowered a bit but till the speed could be controlled, it was being late.
His car speed was being about to slow down, here Nidhi’s intusion was being in a practicality situation and her conscience was going to take up higher acceleration in a drastic way……


“In middle of this thundering rain, i don’t think we will get to the party safely”,she warns him for both of their safety.

(Source: Hd Backgrounds)

“Oh! Shut up Nidhu, I am a F-1 racer by natural”, answers her in a champ emotion.

“Bhai can’t you just see? even the wipers aren’t able to clear up such heavy rain”, she again try to show him the extreme situation they are in.

” Goddd!! You idiot brother, Races are worse on the city streets and that too in such heavy rainy dark nights and please keep this your ‘Racer Attitude‘ in the tracks. Now please slow down”, Totally freaked out from inside,she tries to give him a forceable advice.

“Ha Ha Ha! my koochi-poochi sister”, He laughs at her feared advice.

He was now in a high mood to make the speedometer move at the right side of it. His speed gets speed up. 145kmph.. 149kmph… 154…. 156….. 159……

The iphone ringtone rings up and he gets a call…….!

“Its Ankit“,says Nidhi looking at the phone infront of her.

“Great!! Let me talk”,says her and grabs the phone to connect to the media speaker of the car.

“No No No! you…..

“Hey buddy”, he answers and interupts Nidhi untill she could finish her sentence.

“Mere bhai kaha hai tu?”, Comes from the other side of call.

Nidhi whispers slowly to him, “Bhai seriously?, please cut the call or slow down the speed”.
 Nidhi looks at the speed, it remains the same- 150kmph… 154….And the road which was totally blurred due to heavy rain.

(Source:HD Backgrounds)


 In between their conversation on call, For a moment,giving no warnings to him about the speed,rain,Call. Nidhi becomes blank with an intrusion going in her hollywoodic filmy mind of something horrible,something terrible.(Even being so feared she chooses not bring her intrusion out of her mind).
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​                   “YOU CAN’T” .

                                                                                        “NIN KADIND AAGALLA” .

                                                                                          “TUJHSE NAI HOGA” .

                                      –SAURABH RK

We have a certain bandwidth of perception in our mind about “This is what we are capable of”. And the life we get to see is always limited by that bandwidth of our perception.

According to my personal availability of experience,A son like me has been told by his father in every crucial steps of journey of life as “You Can’t”/  “Aagalla Nin Kadinda”{kannada}! “Tere Se Nai Hoga”{hindi}!!

The father’s intentions were may be in a caring attribution,but the thing is-‘One single failed step of a son made his father to not to show a hand of trust and a smile of confidence towards his willing son. “If we are failed at the first time,doesn’t mean failure will become our habbit”.

The point will be, right from the school life or college life we are being told by many- Our father,by some of the discouraging pals, the ‘talk behind society’, the relatives with a lakh times about “You Can’t”/ “Aagalla Nin Kadinda”.On an average,ONE LAKH TEN THOUSAND TIMES,precisely.

Anything that we want to do in life may that be- from smaller yet kindest things to larger yet happiest things, the moment we tend to take initiatives from inside, all of a sudden those average ONE LAKH TEN THOUSANDS of “You Can’t” / “Nin Kadind Aagalla” / “Tujhse Nai Hoga” vibes get provoked from both the inside heart and the outside world. Situation of our mind happens to be such that we the initiators start to fear for the initiatives we always wanted to take and then makes us to loose our noble hopes by some negative quirks.

We question ourselves from insidely- “Can I?” / “Nan Kadind Aagtada?” / “Kya Mere Se Hoga?”.

 Because “YEH TOH SIRF TRAILER THA,PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST”….[Thanks to the team of OSO FILM, we could apply this dialogue personally]

Whats next??

An A-4 sized question paper appers front psychologiclly with some weirdest and out of the syllabus questions like- 1]a) What if i couldn’t? / 1]b) Nan Kadind aaglilla andra?(kannada) / 1]c)Agar mere se nahi hua toh?

2] Will those average one lakh ten thosands be doubled to two lakh twenty thousands??

3]What to do if i fail???   

4] Should i even take an initiative????




May some edible will power be donated to this kind of question paper holder..

Then happens to be the much awaited results for the fathers to be responded. A saddest acceptance of a son.

“I Can’t”!

“Nan Kadind Aagalla”!!

“Mere Se Nai Hoga”!!! which the world would be expecting.

Thing happens with us is it becomes a seed in our life where by such perception we start to upbring the “You Can’t” seed / “Nin kadind Aagalla” seed into a plant and then into a huge “I Can’t” tree / “Nan Kadind Aagalla” tree. We start to demoralize our decisions by kind of naturelessly watering or unemotionly nurturing the Tree.

For an ignorance, even if we give a start to what we wanted to along with mixed emotions, we end up sitting in our own craddled life as a frustated coward or a Handsomely outer devdas.

In most of our situations Just because we are not able to take some self prioritized initiatives, makes to form a council/commitee by our fathers for our life in order to discuss on our CANT’S & CAN’S. We tend to submit some important questions of our lives, irrespectives of what and how we feel. “You think i should/shouldn’t do it?” (OR) “You think Can i do it?” Ha Ha!!! And the commitee around you is like HA HA HA on us with that one lakhs of “Nin Kadind Aagalla” / “You Can’t”. But…..

in a blissful manner- ” I Don’t Think You Should Do It” / “I Don’t Think You Can Do It”.

Well What more positive we can expect?.

And it is the beginning to start to believe “WE JUST CAN’T”. 

Fortunately! And more Fortunately, An Eagle !

Yes i spelled it with what i meant. An Eagle, fortunately has no such communication with another eagle to say “You Can’t”. There is no average One Lakh Ten Thousands of “Nin Kadind Aagalla”[kannada]/ “Tujhse nai hoga”[hindi].

And there is no way , humans can communicate that eagle and to say “You Can’t Fly”. So it keeps on flying higher and higher in the sky. 

Unfortunately, A human being can condition only the other human being for giving such positive vibes known as “You Can’t” / “Nin Kadind Aagalla”:D

Else we would have never been taught in school days that an eagle can fly.
Well Well!!

The thing we need to do is renew/redeem our perception.
Uninstall the  “You Can’t”virus app and Install the new “We Can” antivirus app in our life smartphone.

We just have to believe no matter  how much the average numbers is.We have to speak the language that we know and that we can, no matter how much those positive vibes we get;p ;)…..
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Ladakh-The dhak dhak of all trips.

Ladakh- The dhak dhak of all Trips!!    

– by Saurabh Rk..

Want to plan your trip to Ladakh? You will experience some amazing time and exciting adventures. In any case before we get into the how’s and what’s and why’s, there are some vital notes need to be adhered to and it is a must for anyone who has his or her eyes set on this breathtaking landscape. You may have so many inquiries, concerns and issues that are related to the approach, the climate, the permits and the agendas.

For every one of those courageous thrilling spirits and nature lovers, Ladakh has so much to offer. It’s nearly placed in the Trans-Himalayan region. Travelers from everywhere throughout the world choose this scene with the aim of exploring not simply the unlimited scope the spot brings to the table however to reclaim their inner soul. There are abundant regions that are thriving in natural treasures. Furthermore the Ladakh is likewise broadly named as Little Tibet for the boundary it shares with Tibet and playing host to truly an overwhelming populace of Tibetan Buddhists.

Filmy Locations 

(Scene from movie 3 idiots:Ladakh)

(Source: Google images)

For the entertainment part, ladakh has always been the favorite location for of bollywood films. Remember?That illuminating climax after finding Rancho resulting to the 400 patents scientist Phunsukh Wangdu from the classic ‘3 idiots’ lies in ladakh itself;). So you can even relive that climax on ladakh sand path. ” Jahaapanaah tussi great ho, Toufu kabool karo”.Ha Ha!!

(scene from JTHJ film)

Source:Google images)

Once again to ladakh.With the last film direction by late: Yash Chopra, one among his classic love stories. Yes, You got it right! Jab Tak Hai Jaan starred by The Baadshah,Mr.Shahrukh khan.The location of the beginning and ending of the film has been filmed in the midst of ladakh for its major scenes. Akira,the flawless reporter meets the fearless Indian army bomb squad speciallist Major Samar Anand is in one of ladakh’s fortunate location of bollywood. Kudos! to ladakh and bollywood.;)

Regardless of what gets talked or written about Ladakh, you are bound to return back with lots of wonderful memories than what you discover on the web. The experiences are wonderful and striking. You will most likely need to take some safety measures since you will be generally exploring an infertile land that has low atmospheric pressures.
Best Time to Visit:

Leh is a delightful city which stays out of reach for most part of the year. Because of the unusual nature of the climate, travelers are assured to carry their woolens. The passes to reach Leh remain open only from the months of June till September.

The majority of the trekking routes are closed down after November because of substantial snowfall at high passes except the Liker to Kahltsey (Sham) trek. The best period for Chadar trek is from January to Mid-March. Temperature in summer (June to September) can touch 30c and -20c in late December and January. Yearly rainfall is 6″.
*Road Trip to Ladakh*:


There are two roads that bikers and drivers take to achieve Leh town. One is Srinagar-Leh Highway and the more prominent one is Leh-Manali Highway.
*Manali – Leh Highway: Ladakh by Road*:

Leh-Manali Highway


Leh-Manali Highway is mostly favored among bikers as it includes crossing a few amazing high rise mountain passes, riding along grand mountain trains with Himalaya on one side and rivers following the course on the other or more all the sheer excite of riding some of the hardest motorable terrain.
Modes of travel on this Highway

The movement of non-HP vehicles on Manali- Rohtang Pass is banned by Himachal Pradesh Govt. from 27th June 2011 onwards. To go to Leh-Ladakh or Keylong, non-HP enrolled vehicles will need to take permit licenses from the SDM Office in Manali. Notwithstanding, there is no restrictions on motorbikes.
*Attractions and Places to Visit*:


Traveling to Ladakh by Road is maybe a standout amongst the most exciting road adventures in India. Traveling Ladakh by road includes crossing some of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world, driving through endless semi-arid planes and sights of pristine lifestyle of migrants who live in little settlements up and down the way.

Pangong Tso Lake


Tso kar Lake


Ladakh by road offers fantastic sights of barren mountains in Greater Himalaya and Zanskar reach, sweeping valleys and dazzling panoramas.  Colorful Tibetan prayer flags, prayer chimes, monasteries and Tibetan Buddhist people that one meets along the way are some interesting part of traveling to Ladakh region by road.
Making a visit to Leh Ladakh is essentially incomplete without visiting its acclaimed lakes. We can discover the most popular Pangong Tso Lake, Tsomoriri Lake and Tsokar Lake to spend some leisure moments.

Additionally, the most dwindling valleys of Ladakh make this area just a heaven. Catch few of the famous valleys in Ladakh including Markha Valley, Zanskar Valley, Nubra Valley, Rupshu Valley, Suru Valley, Indus Valley, Salt Lake Valley, Shyok Valley & Sham Valley.
*Festival Season*:

Ladakh is a place with natural untouched magnificence and it comes to life during its festive season. Festivals in Ladakh are actually the most ideal approach to get a sight of the Ladakhi culture. There are various festivals that are celebrated in Leh Ladakh all round the year.
*Some of the main festivals of Ladakh are*:

Hemis Festival: June

Ladakh Festival: SEPTEMBER 1-15

Losar festival: 11th month of the Buddhist schedule – normally in winters (Dec-Jan).
*Activities in Ladakh*:

Ladakh is such a huge destination where one can get plenty of chances to enjoy diverse activities. Right from a family expediter to the enthusiastic sport traveler, Leh Ladakh visit brings a justified meaning to all.

Some of the most demanding activities enjoyed at at Leh Ladakh are:

#1 Zanskar River Rafting

#2 Mountain Biking Tour on World’s Highest Motorable Road

#3 Jeep Safari from Manali to Leh and at Nubra Valley

#4 Camel Safari in Nubra Valley from Hundar to Diskit

#5 Camping & Trekking in Ladakh Valleys

#6 Spiritual Tour at distinctive Monasteries

#7 His Holiness Dalai Lama Tour

#8 Wildlife Tour at Hemis National Park

# An engaging option to outdoors while trekking around Ladakh is to stay in people’s homes in remote villages, which you reach along the way. This will provide for you an intriguing understanding into the life of Ladakhi farmers. You’ll even be nourished conventional home cooked suppers, arranged by the farmer families.

*A few Dos and Don’ts to remember*:

#1 Make an adventure booking for the motorbike to discover the best one you can have the minimum bike break down. Enfield bullets can be the preferable choice.

#2 Don’t prefer to visit Sarchu at the starting of your trip since it is at the highest elevation and doing so will expose your body to Mountain Sickness.

#3 Ladakh is a frosty location so carrying riding boots, raincoat, and gloves will be safer for you.

#4 Carry Jerry cans for additional petrol as there are no filling stations in a span of 360 km after Tandi (100 km from Manali)

#5 If you are on a biking tour, constantly check your bikes before starting in the morning and at the end of the day for minor faults.

#6 Carry all the first-aid ailments all along with you and some spare parts of your motor bike.
[A special Note: Be Aware!!Be Responsible]

Trips may become ugly experience sometimes…
Well I hope this blog excites you all to pick a place and pack your bags to have a wonderful journey(especially Ladakh;)..

If you certainly plan for ladakh,Do carry a Reliance Jio! Sim too(For its revolutional unlimited service;) Giggles;P


Have a blast..

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7 Honeymoon Destinations by Saurabh Rk.

The 7 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in India:

A week off or some days off away after your oath of togetherness i.e., marraige taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. 
Yes,We mean about The Honeymoons. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic or romantic.
So why don’t we just check out some of the brightest destinations leading to it. 

Below have been handpicked the top 7 Indian honeymoon destinations for your ultimate romantic hiatus.

Escape to one of these picturesque destinations and make memories that you’ll cherish forever. 

1) Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir 

(Dal Lake:Srinagar)

Capital city of Jammu & Kashmir would may be inappropriate for some political issues but yet is paradise in every sense of the word. The lush valleys, sparkling flowy lakes, high mountains and the absolute picturesque scenery make it a perfect honeymoon destination that you will remember all your life. 



                 The land of sun, sand and sea – Goa is one of the top honeymoon destinations in India. Couples from all over the world come here to spend their honeymoon. Goa offers some of pristine beaches, scenic views,a very warm weather and a lot of fun and activity for the couples to cheish. 

3)Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.  

Source:Wikipedia(View from the boat:Jaisalmer)

Head to Rajasthan if you want to spend your honeymoon like royalty. This gorgeous city offers history, places, elephant and camel back rides and lots more. You can also check out other popular honeymoon destinations in Rajasthan such as Mount Abu, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. 

4) Ooty, Tamil Nadu

(City Lake side:Ooty)

Ooty, located in the Nilgiri hills and is one of the most celebrated hill stations. It promises a romantic honeymoon with lots of attractions in the town such as the Botanical Gardens, the Rose Garden, the Ooty Lake and the Dodabetta peak. 

5) Coorg, Karnataka. 

Source:Wikipedia (Mallalli falls:Coorg)

 Coorg in South India is a charming little town also known as the Scotland of India. The orange orchards, refreshing aroma of coffee and acres of verdant greenery is ideally suited for a cosy honeymoon. 

6) Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Source:Wikipedia(Hill view:Shimla)

Shimla has been attracting honeymooners for a long time! This gorgeous hill station is a perfect place to visit to beat the heat for the newly weds. Shimla is really a peaceful, tranquil and a complete with natural beauty to stay as a honeymoon couple.

7)Backwaters, Kerala


Coming to the last but not the very least, Kerala is known as God’s Own Country and is a paradise for honeymooners. The backwaters are a unique web of lakes, canals and rivers. Hire a houseboat and enjoy your honeymoon in traditional Kerala style.

  Here is my tiny contribution for the newly wed jodis. So, Where are you planning for your honeymoon?;) 

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